A tricky opening weekend!

Races 1, 2 & 3

1st & 2nd May 2022

We went into the Oulton Park round hopeful, but also nervous as we had installed a new dual cylinder brake system and a lack of proper testing meant we weren’t sure how effective it would be.

Qualifying was disappointing as we were struggling a bit with the brakes and we only managed 12th place. We are confident we have pace but couldn’t hook up a great lap.

We had a flying start to Race 1 and made up 4 places in the early corners and were quickly up to 8th place. Lap 2 saw a massive crash for Jordan Brennan who had brake failure going into Hislops. The resulting red flag meant an early end to race 1. The important thing is the driver and all involved were safe and the marshals, as always, did a brilliant job!

We started race 2 in 3rd position for the reverse grid and were hopeful of a good finish. Unfortunately another driver moved across in the braking zone and the resulting damage to the car meant we were unable to finish the race.

The support I received this weekend from family, friends and sponsors was incredible. I appreciate everyone who came and said hello and congratulated me even though it didn’t go my way, Gotta stay positive, onto the next one.

Race 1

Started: 8

Finished: 6

Laps completed: 8

Laps led: 0

My fastest lap: 1:39.160

Race fastest lap: 1:38.998 – Thackeray

Race 2

Started: 5

Finished: 5

Laps completed: 9

Laps led: 0

My fastest lap: 1:38.949

Race fastest lap: 1:38.949 – Redford

Race 3

Started: DNS

Finished: DNF

Laps completed: 0

Laps led: 0

My fastest lap:

Race fastest lap: 1:37.969 – Bailey


Laps completed: 17

Laps led: 0

My fastest lap: 1:38.949